Andreas Melas Presents

Curated by Dan Nadel

Leonidou 15
Athens Greece

Opening reception September 8 12:00 pm-12:00 am.

8 pm, September 8: Live Performance by Blak Pus

Andreas Melas presents Macronauts, a group exhibition in two parts:

The ground floor finds Brian Chippendale, Jungil Hong and art collective Paper Rad, all based in Providence RI, collaborating on a deep space travel adventure via autobus and mini buses. Accompanying them are a variety of earthly spirits and images which serve to delineate all-encompassing cosmic wonder.

The first floor holds an extensive works on paper exhibition by 24 artists from North America, France and Japan. Heirs to the 20th imagist tradition these artists have moved into the new century with a sly combination of word play, psychedelia, cartoons, and sheer chaos. What emerges is a comprehensive statement about the world of personal image making and expression today.

In these two floors Macronauts is a voyage into the pop underground: vibrant pictures, forms and populations hurtle forward, scrambling up the hill, trampling diseased boulders and half-assed scrawls, gaping and peeking, just below the Parthenon, here in Athens, in this September of 2007.

Two floors:

Ground floor: An installation by Paper Rad, Brian Chippendale and Jungil Hong

Mezzanine: A works on paper show featuring work by:

Marc Bell
Brian Belott
Rebecca Bird
Melissa Brown
Bjorn Copeland
Frederic Fleury
Leif Goldberg
Tomoo Gokita
Ben Jones
Sakura Maku
Eddie Martinez
Keith McCulloch
Taylor McKimens
Panayiotis Terzis
Gary Panter
Erin Rosenthal
David Sandlin
Frank Santoro
Patrick Smith
Matthew Thurber
Michael Williams
Andrew Jeffrey Wright